Sunday, 17 May 2009

Further thoughts on implementing non DBMS storage

Since my last post I spent a couple of evenings putting together a pure Python storage class to store arbitrary chunks of data in a way inspired by Haystack. This proved quite easy in Python (unsurprisingly). It would also be quite easy to implement in in C/C++ for performance but I am not convinced that is necessary and a pure Python implementation has the virtue of being simpler to deploy.

The next stage is to integrate it into Django so that it can be used as a model field and extend the admin application and generic views handle it. This should be almost as easy so I am now reading the nice tutorial on creating new model fields along with the FileField source code.

Interestingly, I came across this story via Reddit about drawbacks of CouchDB.
I had already decided that I wasn't keen to play with CouchDB at present because I think some things (such as authentication and real regular data) are more efficiently done in a normal SQL DBMS.

I am now brooding about creating a CMS with a combination of my storage classes and search but I am trying to work out if it is any different to a Wiki with search facilities.

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